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Edmonton Public Schools Enrolment Forecast
Applications developed a forecast of student enrolment by school, grade and program. This forecast is based on nieghbourhood school age population projections for each neighbourhood in edmonton.

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School Enrolment Forecasts

Predicting school enrolments and the programs students are likely to attend can be a duanting, but essential task. Facility and staff planning requires an understanding of the number of students and their composition that may attend each school. In an education environment of choice and mobility it is necessary to have a model that can unscramble all the variables that will reflect student and parent choices. Applications' has developed a comprehensive model of school enrolment that includes consideration of special needs children and programs of choice. This model is built off a population forecasting model that encorporates inter neighbourhood migration and the potential for the infill development and redevelopment of areas with declining school age population.

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